This is a Performance XC Glider


New nose, new foil, new line distribution, higher aspect ratio. Welcome to the world of the Sport-line. We wanted to produce a wing that was truly technologically enhanced, stylish and class leading. It comes in the form of EXOS.

Pilot target

“Based on a 6.4 aspect ratio platform, she is not extreme, yet we were able to reach extremely good levels of performance whilst coming with an honest glider within the C performance class to suit to the skilled XC pilot.”

Glider Details

Product Description

EXOS is a performance XC paraglider from our SPORT-LINE series.

It is a fully technologically loaded glider weighing only 4.05 kg in medium size which balances precision handling, stability and performance, together with a confidence inspiring ride.

EXOS is a three liner design incorporating LEO (Leading Edge Optimization) design and Triple 3D shaping on a moderate aspect ratio platform.

It is a glider which is designed to provide the skilled XC hungry pilot real potential to excel, whilst remaining both a practical & honest performance EN C category glider.

Main features

  • penetrating & efficient glide
  • efficient climbing ability
  • smooth intuitive handling
  • C riser controls
  • composite leading edge
  • low weight


Each glider is delivered with:


Colours Combination


Delivery times may vary based on product availability and inventory. Cannot confirm the price of an item until after your order is placed. 

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