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Certificação: EN/LTF

Harness Weight: 2.45 — 2.80 Kg

Certificação: EN/LTF

Harness Weight: 3.05 — 3 .45 Kg

Certificação: EN/LTF

Harness Weight: 2.7 – 3.4 Kg

Certificação: EN/LTF

Peso do Arnês: 3 – 3.4 Kg

Certificação: EN/LTF

Peso do Arnês: 2.3 – 3.5 Kg

Certificação: EN/LTF

Peso do Arnês: 2.45 – 2.8 Kg

Certificação: EN/LTF

Peso do Arnês: 1.25 – 1.33 Kg

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Sky Paragliders Explains the Concept of  Comfort, Sport and Light Lines

Allow us to explain how the Lines define our philosophy of design and really, of paragliding in general. We strongly believe that true performance & pleasure is born from the right match of pilot to wing. Our Lines clearly & logically define the different facets of our beautiful sport and various differing pilot profiles. We say, 'simply choose your style' and we endeavor, with the Lines, to make this choice as easy as possible.

Sport Line, Comfort Line & Light Line. What's it all about?

Where the purest blend of materials, design & innovation produce feather weight solutions.

For the purist, adventure enthusiast, through to the hike & fly athlete.

Where security blends with pleasure & efficiency.

Transforming the weekend warrior’s dreams into reality

Bringing technologies and design that add genuine advancements, driving performance and handling.

For pilots who demand that extra edge of performance for the real in-flight sportive experience.