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Esta é uma asa de Intermédia Light


Bem-vindo ao nosso mundo Light Line. Quizemos produzir uma asa que fosse realmente, tecnologicamente avançada, elegante e líder na sua classe.


Informação Técnica

Flat area (m2)21.9723.4725.0726.7828.6
Flat span (m)11.0811.4511.8412.2312.64
Flat aspect ratio5.595.595.595.595.59
Projected surface (m2)19.0820.3821.7723.2524.84
Projected span (m)8.989.299.69.9210.25
Projected aspect ratio4.
Number of cells5555555555
Weight of the glider (kg)3.253.403.553.753.95   
Take-off weight (kg)50-7064-8174-9485-10899-125

Combinações de Cores

Características da asa

Product Descriptio

Apollo 2 light is redesigned Apollo 2 with lightweight support and a modified internal structure. Our aim was to increase the performance while reducing the weight and drag of the glider. How did we do it? By employing a proven mix of lightweight materials and designing thinner lines in the top and middle galleries.

Apollo 2 light is a performance paraglider from our light line series, ideal for XC and hike&fly adventures.

It is a very compact and safe wing weighing only 3.55 kg in medium size. With Apollo 2 light, you can fully enjoy your air adventures: it features a very easy take-off, highly efficient thermalling, and its light canopy enhances comfort and performance. During long-distance flights, you can reach  higher speeds and minimum sink.
Together with Skylighter 4 harness, they make a perfect team for long flights.

The main distinctive features are:

  • even higher comfort, safety, efficiency and performance of the glider
  • high passive safety level
  • upgraded lightweight materials for good weight to durability ratio
  • very easy take-off
  • LEO (Leading Edge Optimisation) design makes the composite nose highly structured and formed, but still light, and allows pilots easy take-offs    
  • the Triple 3D cut ensures a clean and highly efficient profile with excellent internal pressure values throughout the speed range that remains simple to launch,  highly durable and yet easy to pack    
  • three riser  helps pilots sort out the lines and makes the pre-flight check faster and easier    
  • Hypalon & Nylon rod nose construction minimizes tendencies to collapses

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Have a Look at this Demo Video

Take a peek inside this video where you may see the behaviour of this glider performing several extreme flying figures.