Mini Wing also with a Light Version


Key features: - SAFS (Skyflex Active Foil System) profile - user friendly features, maniability and stability - automatic inflation (with or without wind) - stable, safe and soft to the touch trimmers and speedbar - easy and intuitive piloting - maximum solidity in turbulence at maximum speed - precise riding with mini direct controls to the tip - Skytex fabric - large speed range

Pilot target

When designing ZOE we wanted to bring a mini wing for good pilots who love active flying and need to push the limits. We wanted to give them greater possibilities how to spend their airborne time, even in tough conditions. ZOE is dynamic and agile, so that they can fool around, but also very stable to keep them safe. ZOE is a versatile flying machine, which is easy to take with you anywhere on vacation, such a second wing for a pilot.

Glider Details


ZOE is boosting your imagination about the many possible ways of flying!

ZOE is a versatile paraglider designed to make happy all pilots, who like playing in the air. If you want to seek out new flying experiences with an ultra-light equipment in a safe way, ZOE is a great choice for you. With ZOE you can fully enjoy local thermals and soaring sessions and the more you load it, the more fun you have.

ZOE is mini wing from our LIGHT-LINE and SPORT-LINE series available in standard and light version and 4 sizes to meet the right match of pilot to wing.

It is possible to order ZOE with or without trimmers.  Knowing that only really skilled pilots should use trimmers.

Main features:

    • Lightweight, safety and performance.
    • Sophisticated construction with diagonals, tension tapes and 3D cut allow to reach good performance with optimized canopy 3D shape and reduced length of lines.
    • Nylon rods in the Reinforced Leading Edge (RLE) keep the cells open at all times, resulting in the canopy inflating faster.
    • Very stable and reliable even in tough conditions so that active pilots can spend every spare moment in the air.
    • Precise, agile and responsive handling with dynamic brakes allow pilots go to extreme.
    • Long brake range to stall point for smooth landing.
    • Its low aspect ratio and short lines make it easy, whether taking off by strong wind, cross wind or even back wind.


Each glider is delivered with:

Colours Combination

Delivery times may vary based on product availability and inventory. Cannot confirm the price of an item until after your order is placed. 

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