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ZORRO Previous Next This is a Reflex Wing Design DGAC certified and aimed at the intermediate to expert PPG pilot. Zorro unique Skyflex Active Foil System (SAFS) reflex profile, was designed to achieve a


FLUX Check out some more images This is a Glider Design Our developers have developed a new wing for PPG with plenty of power – a wing all-round with excellent performance and ease of

Z Blade

Z BLADE Check out some more images DGAC certified and aimed to the racing, PPG pilot target. Design Z- BLADE is a dynamic PPG wing that moves your horizons and pushes your limits. Z-BLADE

Cima Power

CIMA POWER Check out some more images This is your introduction best Glider Design Designed to be the ideal choice for your first Paramotoring flights. CIMA PWR is a wing where you go through

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