SKYLIGHTER 3 é um arnês Light e versátil para XC


SKYLIGHTER 3 is a lightweight, versatile seat suitable for long XC flights, hike and fly and traveling. SKYLIGHTER 3 brings a number of new improvements such as Easy Custom Tuning

Utilizador Tipo

Designed for pilots whose start-up ambition is to end in beautiful and long flights, with the ability to transform with the pilot from classic mode to a modern, aerodynamically shaped harness with speed bag.

Características do Arnês

SKYLIGHTER 3 is a very light, versatile harness best suited for long XC flights, hike & fly and travelling. 

SKYLIGHTER 3 is now positioned in the LIGHT LINE SERIES and brings new features:

  • easy custom tuning

The ECT innovation brings more safety & performance with the ability to fine tune – SKYLIGHTER 3 to your desired control & feedback level.

Easy set up

The adjustable and semi removable ABS allows for the pilot to easily and logically choose the degree of sensitivity and stability, quickly and easily. These settings can further be enhaced, and even more in-flight sensations can be exprienced, by removing the carbon seat board for the seat board free experience.

Fine tuning and personalisation is now a reality with the SKYLIGHTER 3.

Main distinctive features:

  • exceptional comfort and in-flight stability
  • easy Custom Tuning ABS
  • carbon fibre seat & foot boards
  • expandable intergrated reserve container
  • low weight (only 3.2 kg in size M – including seatboard and main carabiners)
  • integrated speedbag with speed system
  • removable seatboard
  • 17 cm foam back protection (0.5 kg)
  • dynema Strap reserve risers now included

SKYLIGHTER 3 is delivered in M, L and XL sizes. Please check the size table. The table cannot respect all the possibilities and it is highly recommended to try the harness on before you buy it.

Scope of delivery:

Please check the Accessories section for more information about the harness – reserve connection


A – Main carabiners

B – Container for reserve is fully integrated

C – Reserve

  • We recommend to use with this harness, our ultralight SKY LITE reserve

D – V riser

E – V riser reserve connection

F – V riser harness connection

Factory fitted Dyneema strap included

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