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SKYLIGHT TOURIST 2 is now more comfortabe in flight, more comfortable in ruck sack mode, made from new lighter but strong materials and is lighter than the previous generation.

An ultra light harness designed for the light paragliding flying. It is designed as a combined rucksack and harness (just turn it inside out and change backpack into a harness) with the reserve container integrated within the harness design in the centre of gravity.

Even though the concept is really very light, the well designed strap system offers both comfort and stability.

Target groups:

  • pilots exhausted with carrying the usual 20 kg backpack around
  • travellers who take their KEA or ANAKIS 3 and this harness as hand luggage abroad
  • all pilots eager to save considerable weight but still would like to avoid any extreme solutions
  • all those who would like to fly with a reserve placed in the centre of gravity
  • all those who prefer a traditional strap system with buckles to put the harness on in a very comfortable way

The main distinctive features are:

  • unexpectedly good comfort due to deep leg straps with buckles
  • only 1390 grams M size including carabiners and resreve maillons
  • integrated container with the traditional flap system

Scope of delivery:

Optional and recommended accessories:

It is highly recommended to use the harness only with a SKY LITE reserve.

The harness is available in two sizes M – up to 180 cm of the pilots height or L – up to 195 cm of the pilots height. This size can only provide a general guideline – frequent winter use and thick layers of clothes can require the next size. It’s always best to try before you buy to find a fit that suits your flying ambitions.

If you plan to fly the harness with the reserve, you have to order also:



Gleitschirm, 09/2008, DE



Gleitschirm, 09/2009, EN 



Tabela de Preços

M – Altura do Piloto (cm) : 160 – 180 


L – Altura do Piloto (cm) : 175 – 195 


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