This is a ultralight reversible harness however in its second generation delivers a multitude of improvements.


Skylight 2 brings a whole range of innovations; we focused on the new backpack solution, which allowed the center of gravity to be moved upwards for increased comfort and stability.


Skylight 2 is the second generation of a lightweight and comfortable seat that can be combined with a backpack. Skylight 2 is designed especially for pilots looking for sophisticated solutions with higher utility - a comfortable backpack and a simple seat with a high level of comfort.

Harness Details

SKYLIGHT 2 is the second generation of light, comfortable convertible SKYLIGHT harness. Harness with integrated backpack is mostly suited for all those who like to travel and flight light.

The second generation introduces a lot changes but the team focused mostly on the backpack part to make it comfortable even for hiking in longer distance. The harness is not certified and is not provided with any form of back protection. Therefore it is highly recommended for experienced pilots who mastered all the take offs and landings.

Differences compared to the first generation of SKYLIGHT:

  • strap system modified for higher comfort
  • geometry improved for higher stability
  • bottom of the backpack reinforced
  • new design of the back part with reinforcements

The main distinctive features are:

  • very good comfort due to deep legstraps
  • low weight – M size 0.9 kg and L size 0.95 kg

The sizes of the new model SKYLIGHT 2 have been optimized. The harness is supplied now in M < 175 cm and L > 175 cm sizes.

However, this size-table can only provide a general guideline. We do recommend to try the harness first to choose the right size that suits you best before you buy.

Also, note that the frequent winter use and thick layers of clothes may suggest a larger size could be needed.

The harness is delivered with:

  • 2x maillon 4.0 DI (triangle) for attaching the rescue to the shoulder straps

Please check the Accessories section for more information about the harness – reserve connection.

A – Main carabiners

B – Container for reserve  

C – Reserve

  • We recommend to use the harness together with our ultralight SKY LITE reserve.

D – V-riser

  • V dyneema strap (delivered with 1x maillon 5.0 NI oval + 4x securing elastic bands, see point E above)
  • or V-dyneema line (delivered with 1x maillon 5.0 NI oval + 4x securing elastic bands, see point E above)

F – V-riser – harness connection

  • 2x maillon 4.0 DI triangle are delivered with the harness

Optional accessories:

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