The improved third generation of the popular reserve SKY SYSTEM

Reliability, fast opening, simplicity, light-weight, safe lines arrangement, easy placement in almost any harness, a small volume in an innovative container design. Yes, we are talking about the reserve system SKY SYSTEM 3.

Technical Data

SKY SYSTEM 390110135
Surface area (m2)22.526.332.5
Number of panels131416
Max. payload (kg)*86105130
Min. payload (kg)*577086
Sinkrate at max. payload (m/s)< 5.31 m/s< 5.36 m/s< 5.47 m/s
Weight of the reserve (kg)1.401.551.85
CertificationEN 12491 / LTFEN 12491 / LTFEN 12491 / LTF
* weight of fully-equipped pilot without the paraglider

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Reserve Details

Reserve SKY SYSTEM 3 combines the simplicity and timeless design of a round reserve system, light-weight and lower volume. Its innovative container with new lines arrangement increases safety.

SKY SYSTEM 3 is designed for pilots who require 100% functionality under all conditions and simple solutions with the possibility of service anywhere on the planet. Paragliding schools will appreciate its favourable price, and also service technicians and packing professionals will be pleased, as anyone can repack this reserve.

The main features are:

  •  Light-weight (only 1.55 kg in 110 size and 26.3 m2 surface area).

    • Easily packed into almost any harness with a standard container.

    • Students won‘t carry unnecessary extra weight up the hill during the first training flights.

  • Low volume (CNC cut and precisely carved parts with sealed edges allow to reduce the sewing allowance).

    • No need to fold or roll the reserve with the container to fit into the harness and you don‘t increase the demands on the fabric shape-memory.

    • Harness flap isn’t squeezed out by the volume of the reserve.

  • Innovative bright-coloured container with lines arranged in the container flap.

    • Practical lines arrangement.

    • Faster and controlled lines release at deployment minimizes failure and increases safety.

    • Intense coloured containers make it easy to find when things go wrong and schools will certainly appreciate the quick orientation among the reserves by colour.

  • Standard weight range (from 90 kg MTOM to 130 kg MTOM) in 3 sizes (90, 110 and 130).

Each reserve is delivered with:

  • Maillon 6.0 CI for connecting to the harness risers.

  • USB flash drive with manuals and Sky Paragliders photos and videos.

Delivery times may vary based on product availability and inventory. Cannot confirm the price of an item until after your order is placed.

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