The weight is lower only 1.3 kg for the M size

SKY SPARE LIGHT is a new reserve system that follows from the reliable and popular SKY SPARE.

Product Description

SKY SPARE Light is a new reserve system that follows in the tracks of  the reliable and popular SKY SPARE.

This new generation has been considerably developed. The weight is lower (only 1.3 kg for the M size and only 1.85 kg for the XL size) and still, the sink is only < 5.5 m/s as required by the standards.

This reserve is EN 12491 and LTF certified and represents a state of art product on the market.

The reserve is supplied with maillon 6,0 CI for connecting to the harness risers.

A tandem reserve is available in SKY SPARE version (not light).

Technical Data

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