This is a Stearable reserve

Do you want full control if something goes wrong? This is what you have been looking for! The SKY DRIVE II, developed by Alexandre Paux, gives you control of your descent following a reserve deployment. The SKY DRIVE II is a steerable reserve chute that you can use without ejecting the main canopy.

Technical Data

Surface area (m2)38
Weight (kg)1.85 (including two-phase container)
Max. take-off load (kg)135
Number of panels2 x 8
Max. speed during deployment (km/h)115
Sinkrate (m/s)4.4-5.0
Glide ratio2
Forward speed2 x sink rate
CertificationEN 12491:2001 / LTF

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Reserve Details

Product Description

That’s why we developed the fabric first so that we could then develop a unique product. We had to come up with a new way of weaving and find technologies for new fabric finishes. For the actual design, we used 30 years of experience in rescue system design and the latest manufacturing technology. We build the lines for high precision on a computerized machine and cut the panels themselves on CNC laser cutters. Finally, the skilled fingers of our seamstresses, who have been making parachutes and rescue equipment with us for quite a few years, have taken over and brought us QUATRO LIGHT 160.

QUATRO LIGHT 160 is a light, stable, and reliable rescue system that has experience, innovation and completely original solutions in its DNA. The backup system will primarily serve PPG pilots and hang glider pilots. However, tandem pilots and pilots for whom the traditional 130 kg MTOM is not enough will enjoy it too.

What do pilots like about QUATRO LIGHT 160?

  • QUATRO LIGHT 160 is very light (it weighs only 1.7kg). As well as being light, it is also smaller, faster to open and easier to pack into a container.
  • It’s quick to open, and that’s good because when something happens, it needs to be solved quickly.
  • QUATRO LIGHT 160 has a low sink rate of 5.35 m/s (at maximum load).
  • The design of the QUATRO LIGHT 160 system works with corner stabilization vents that increase stability even in very turbulent environments.
  • The QUATRO LIGHT 160 is stable immediately after opening, which is great should you deploy just above the ground.
  • It is very easy to swap the eyelet type risers for the V type risers.

The main distinctive features are:

  • The reserve is provided with light Dyneema lines which are specifically designed for reserve parachutes. Polyamide centre lines have the ability to absorb shock easily. The opening is smooth even at higher speed and increases passive safety because the sock is not absorbed by the pilot’s body but by the lines.
  • The lines are linked to the reserve parachute via traditional loops  – they are not sewn into the hem of the panels. In the event that a line needs to be replaced while on the move, there is no need to find a workshop, just untie the cord and tie out a new one. It’s quick, easy and there’s no room for error.
  • The panels are cut on CNC laser machines – this improves the accuracy of the overall shape, but also seals the edges and increases durability.
  • The container has four marked flaps. Packing is very easy and convenient.
  • The container is set up to wrap the cords in loops directly onto the flap. Thus, the opening is faster and checking the cords is simple and quick.
  • QUATRO LIGHT 160 uses the proven riser of Dyneema.

Each QUATRO LIGHT 160 is delivered with:

  • Inner container with marked flaps.

Delivery times may vary based on product availability and inventory. Cannot confirm the price of an item until after your order is placed.