This is a Stearable reserve

Do you want full control if something goes wrong? This is what you have been looking for! The SKY DRIVE II, developed by Alexandre Paux, gives you control of your descent following a reserve deployment. The SKY DRIVE II is a steerable reserve chute that you can use without ejecting the main canopy.

Product Description

The SKY DRIVE II is aimed at pilots familiar with the more stringent packing requirements of a controllable reserve and with sufficient expertise to handle the entire system in action.

The main distinctive features are:

  • directional control due to a 2:1 glide ratio
  • smooth landings due to sinkrates as low as 4.4 m/s
  • very low weight
  • 38 m2 at only 1.85 kg
  • EN and LTF certification


The second generation of the SKY DRIVE offers:

  • faster opening
  • lower weight
  • a broader weight range


Delivery includes:

  • two-phase inner container


The SKY DRIVE II is produced with Ultra-light PN 9 fabric (only 1.85 kg), designed for skydiving. This tissue can withstand many openings and its porosity is 2-3 times lower than that of other comparable reserve systems, which leads to very high stability during descent. And all that without making compromises in safety or durability. The Nylon lines are also new and have increased elasticity, reducing opening shock and reducing the risk of injury. Nylon also has a much higher melting point than Dyneema guaranteeing a higher resistance to friction.


The specially developed two-phase inner container ensures that the SKY DRIVE II opens only at full line stretch, a safe distance from the main glider, preventing twists or line crossing. Despite this, you should bear in mind that a steerable reserve is designed for experienced pilots; repacking is not as easy as for a round canopy and active piloting is essential after deployment.

To ensure a fully flying SKY DRIVE II the main canopy has to be collapsed or pulled in – otherwise it sinks very rapidly! The SKY DRIVE II flies with a low sink rate and noticeable forward speed.

Pilots unsure of being able to operate a Rogallo system should consider a round reserve canopy. A Rogallo is not per se a safer reserve system and its use and handling influence its effectiveness e.g. into wind landing. In the case of a low altitude deployment may not be as straightforward as that of a round canopy.


Technical Data

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