This is the New Passenger Harness

Technical Data

PAX evo   
Passenger’s Height (cm)150 – 200  
Board Width (cm)37  
Harness Weight (kg) * 2.9  

* Total weight when complete and ready to fly

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Harness Details

Product Description

PAX evo has been extensively developed & tested by our tandem pros to bring a high level of comfort to your passengers.  Simple to use, easy to get in and out, safe and adjustable. There is also possible customization for your advertising.

Fastening with the two buckle system will simplify your pre-flight check and helps with an easy run on take-off.

Once in the air, the transition from running to a sitting position is a piece of cake! Two handles on the sides will allow your passenger to slide into this harness with ease. 

A high-volume airbag made from durable materials offers excellent protection, affording comfort, security and a low pack volume. Two removable skid plates are delivered with PAX evo. It’s highly durable and washable because we know what heavy usage means. And if you need to be seen in the landing area, we can customize your skid plate with your own graphics (additional charges would apply).

One size fits all is a must for commercial pilots. Then adjustability is the logical next step. Shoulder and back adjustment straps are here to help with your customer’s comfort. To extend the versatility of PAX evo we also incorporated height adjustment of the back that allows either lengthening or shortening of the back rest (in a range of 10 cm). You will find a setting strap in the zipped pocket under the seat.

PAX evo is the perfect match for our pilot tandem harness TWIN 2!

The main features are:

  • simple, safe and quick two-buckle system 

  • passenger’s hand handles for a better slide into the harness

  • high airbag volume for passenger’s safety

  • one size fits all

  • adjustment of backrest height

  • two removable skid plates with possible customization for your advertising