This is a Tandem for professional and weekend pilots


Metis 4 offers easy inflation and take off to get pilot and passenger into the air easily and quickly without too much running. They’ve worked hard on the handling too – “precise braking, good thermalling,” and that good handling extends all the way to the ground with easy landing characteristics.

Pilot target

Sky’s new Metis 4 tandem is certified EN B in 40m² and 42m² sizes. It has a new look, improved handling and is aimed at professional and weekend pilots.

Glider Details

Product Description

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Colours Combination

Technical Data

Metis 4 40Metis 4 42
Layout area (m²)39.542.38
Layout span (m)14.2714.79
Layout aspect ratio5.155.15
Projected area (m²)34.1236.6
Projected span (m)11.5111.92
Projected aspect ratio3.883.88
Weight (kg)7.17.55
Take-off weight (kg)110-205120-220
Trim speed (km/h)38-4038-40
Min. speed (km/h)24-2524-25
Max. speed (km/h)46-4946-49


Delivery times may vary based on product availability and inventory. Cannot confirm the price of an item until after your order is placed. 

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