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Kooky was designed by a designer who, among other things, created a winning glider in the world championship in acrobatics - Juan Salvador. Kooky is tuned to the maximum of tolerant error behavior, so that the dynamics do not suffer.

Pilot target

Kooky will fit intermediate pilots who would like to improve their playful freestyle and also learn new acrobatic elements. We also recommend KOOKY to experienced acrobatic pilots who just want to enjoy cool and fun flights without the hassle.

Glider Details

We designed KOOKY to become your partner to guide you into the world of acro, smoothly and predictably. We believe that it’s mostly the comfort and feasibility that will make your acro tricks enjoyable and well performed. 

Designed by acro world cup winning designer – Juan Salvadori, KOOKY is tuned to make things as tolerant and balanced as possible, whilst remaining dynamic and capable enough even to pull off tumbling.

Soft transitions and just the right amount of dynamism allows KOOKY to retain good levels of forgiving behavior, and hence safety, ideal for the budding acro pilot when learning all the popular moves.

Who is it for?

KOOKY will suit the intermediate pilot who wants to take the next step towards making playful freestyle flights and/or learning acro maneuvers. Even the already experienced acro pilot who just wants to have easy fun can tap into the potential of KOOKY and effortlessly pull off the big moves.

Key features:

  • smooth & predictable transitions
  • measured power
  • forgiving behavior
  • ideal learning tool
  • efficient climbing ability
  • super fun

Package includes:

  • EYRIE bag       
  • repair tape and multi tool
  • SKY USB flash stick manual

Need more info?

Delivery times may vary based on product availability and inventory. Cannot confirm the price of an item until after your order is placed. Pricing errors/not updated may occur. We reserve the right to cancel any orders containing pricing errors, with no further obligations to you.

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