GII 4 is an Airbag Comfort Line Harness


Our goal is to always create products that provide the best possible experience. The drive to make good things better and better things excellent keeps our passion alive. This is what we believe in and this is how Gii 4 was designed. Good became better and better became the best.Try it and see for yourself!

Technical Data

Gii 4SML
Pilot´s height (cm)150-170160-185175-200
Board width (cm)32.534.937.0
Board depth (cm)34.536.839.0
Suspension points height (cm)404548
Chest strap range (cm)38-4340-4643-49
Harness weight (kg)2.452.602.80
Certification EN / LTF

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Harness Details

Product Description

Gii 4 is a harness with an integrated airbag designed primarily for paragliding schools and beginner pilots. Because of its weight and compactness is appreciated for ground handling and travelling. Once in the air, it gives clear responsivity during flight. All those attributes will make Gii 4 popular even amongst experienced pilots. Gii 4 is the perfect initial harness, greatly enhancing playtime and allowing wider safety margins while improving your paragliding skills. 

The main distinctive features are:

  • Our strap system features the popular “4S” system (SKY SAFETY STRAP SYSTEM) to ensure safety and comfort provided by the “one loop only” system.

  • The strap system has been redesigned to include 30 mm straps to easily fit our new main carabiners.

  • The current strap was custom designed and manufactured for our harness – we did not want to compromise and when there is nothing to choose from on the market, we have to design it ourselves. The strap is robust, suitable for heavy stitching using either bar tack or automated stitching, features well-balanced elasticity and works well with the buckles we use.

  • The back part has been modified to feature a new shape. We listened carefully and know how some pilots need more space in the main pocket

  • The shoulder straps have been made longer to improve ground handling and add comfort for ground training and early days of take-offs and landings at the training field

  • The new harness is designed with separate leg straps for added comfort. Male pilots will especially appreciate this new feature, but the easy-to-get-into harness will certainly be favoured by female pilots, as well.

  • Gii 4 has an efficient LTF certified airbag. 

  • Leg straps were designed for easier integration of the harness board.

  • Gii 4  features an integrated radio pocket and is also camelback ready.

  • Specially designed covers for the speed system eliminate the risk of messing up with the reserve handle.

  • Adjustable container and reserve handle can be switched to the other side for left-handed pilots.

  • The geometry of the harness has not been changed. The harness itself remains comfortable, practical, easy to adjust, very stable and still provides flight information from the wing.

Harnesses are delivered with:

  • V risers for a reserve

  • Rescue handle

  • Handy reserve fitting & maintenance kit

  • Sky USB flash drive manual

Please check the Accessories section for more information about the harness – reserve connection & scope of delivery.

Please note: Speed bar and carabiners are not included in the scope of delivery. Photos show it for reference purposes only!

Gii 4 is available in 2 basic colours and 3 sizes to fit most pilots. Please, check sizes carefully with your dealer to allow for maximum comfort during the flight.