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This is a very Versatil Harness


The GII 4 Alpha is the very last generation of the popular GII paragliding range with EN / LTF certification. All four modifications of the GII have been extensively redesigned.


The GII 4 Alpha is designed for a wide range of pilots and their needs.The GII 4 Alpha can be used in training courses or in extreme travel conditions, which requires a light and comfortable seat.

Harness Details

The fourth generation of the popular paragliding range

All new and still great Gii 4 Alpha.

Detailed Description

The harnesses are delivered with V risers for a reserve, Handy reserve fitting & maintenance kit

Once you finish the design, the best designers already know what should be improved. Anyhow, your product is out there with the pilots, and you cross your fingers and wait how your baby will work it out there.
Then you get the feedback from customers, and the designers start walking with the eyes shining. The time to make great harness greater and excellent better arrived now.

So, this is how we improved Gii 4 Alpha:

the strap system was redesigned to use 30 mm straps so that it easily fits our new main carbines;
the geometry of the harness remains the same – we believe that what proved best should prevail and the superlatives can hardly be improved – the harness remains comfortable, logical, easy to adjust and very stable and allows getting the right flight information from the wing;
the strap system uses the popular “4S” system (SKY SAFETY STRAP SYSTEM) that ensures the safety and comfort by utilizing system of “one loop only”;
the actual strap was designed and manufactured just for our harnesses – we did not want to compromise and when there is nothing we need on the market, we have to design it – so, the strap is robust, ready for heavy stitching using bartack stitching or automated stitching, well-balanced elasticity and it works well in the buckles we use;
the back part is modified to bring new shape – we listened carefully, and we know some pilots need to accommodate more in the main pocket;
the shoulder straps are longer now – that will improve the ground handling and will add more comfort for the ground training and the early days of takeoffs and landings at the training slope;
the harness is provided with the system of separate legs which makes it comfortable, mostly for male pilots, but any pilot will enjoy how easy it is to get into the harness after takeoff;
Gii 4 Alpha is provided with the LTF certified back protector;
the leg straps have better integration into the base of the harness;
Gii 4 Alpha provides integrated radio pocket and also is ready for the camelback;
side pockets with safety loops;
specially designed covers for the speed system that will solve the risk of messing up with the reserve handle;
the harness is ready for customising for the left-handed pilots and the container and the reserve handle can be shifted to the other side.
Gii 4 Alpha is ready in 3 primary colours and sizes that should fit
the majority of the pilots in the market.


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