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The GII 3 is the third generation of the popular GII paragliding range with EN / LTF certification. All three modifications of the GII have been extensively redesigned.

Utilizador Tipo

The GII 3 series is designed for a wide range of pilots and their needs. The GII 3 meets any requirement with maximum comfort and a high level of safety. The GII 3 can be used in training courses or in extreme travel conditions, which requires a light and comfortable seat.

Características do Arnês

Comfort Line Series:

GII 3 is one of the latest generation of the highly popular GII series paraglider harness.

The three versions of GII have been extensively overhauled, updated & improved.

Main model differences:

GII 3 – Airbag protection with under seat integrated reserve container, neoprene sides.

GII 3 front – Airbag protection, with no integrated reserve container. An ideal training and tandem passenger option. Front reserve container is optional.

GII 3 alpha – Foam back protector with integratedunder seat reserve container, neoprene sides.

GII 3 Comfort Line Series defines comfort, security, simplicity, functionality, ease of use, style and durability. That’s what these harnesses are all about and all the GII 3 models have these features in abundance.

The series covers a wide range pilot’s needs.There is a version to fit a variety of tastes and requirements and all versions equip the pilot with high levels of security and confidence, whatever the situation.

GII 3 has all that it needs to take you all the way from the training slopes to the extreme adventures in the far flung corners of the world where a light weight, yet comfortable and safe harness is required.

New features:

GII 3 front has reworked shoulder straps, improved accelerator geometry and features a more functional rear pocket.

GII 3 & alpha now look really quite different and offer the pilot more warmth, comfort and confidence with the addition of neoprene side panels. Shoulder straps are now super clean with neoprene covers and new reserve attachments. Accelerator geometry and routing has been improved for an even smoother application. The rear pocket is now even more functional for easy bag stowage.

The new Comfort line graphics run throughout the range to define & finish GII 3 off in style. 

 The main distinctive features are:

  • high stability in turbulence
  • airbag or foam back protection
  • simple set up
  • easy transition from take-off to in-flight position
  • articulated geometry adapts automatically when either fully accelerated or standing
  • low weight (alpha 3.15 kg in M size)
  • neoprene sides
  • variety of utility pockets including specific radio pouch
  • alpha now available in additional XL size
  • laser cutting technology ensuring quality
  • certification EN / LTF

Colour options:

  • black
  • gold (GII alpha only)

The harnesses are delivered with:

  • V risers for a reserve (GII 3 and GII 3 alpha)
  • handy reserve fitting & maintenance kit
  • Sky USB flash drive manual

Please check the Accessories section for more information about the harness – reserve connection & scope of delivery.

Please note: Speed bar is not included in the scope of delivery. Photos show it for reference purposes only.

To accommodate the reserve you will need:

A – Main carabiners (not included):

B – Container for reserve:

  • GII 3 & GII 3 alpha – is fully integrated
  • GII 3 front – front container optional 

C – The harness could be equipped with the following reserves:

D – V-riser:

E – V riser – reserve connection:

F – V riser – harness connection (applies for Gii 3 front):

Tabela de Preços

S – Altura do Piloto (cm) : 150 – 170  **


M – Altura do Piloto (cm) : 160 – 185 


L – Altura do Piloto (cm) : 175 – 200 


XL – Altura do Piloto (cm) : 190 – 215  *


* Tamanho XL Só disponivel nas versões GII 3 e GII 3 Alpha 

** Tamanho S Só disponivel na versão GII 3 Alpha 

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