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This is a Beginner Glider


GAIA 3 is a great wing to start your flying career. It is easy to handle, provides maximum safety and remains a fun glider with a vast potential you won't quickly outgrow

Pilot target

• Pilots wishing to discover the joy of paragliding with maximum safety.• Leisure pilots who enjoy flying in a calm state of mind.• All pilots looking for a versatile wing, as suitable for long thermal flights as for accuracy landing, fine freestyle or paramotoring.

Technical Data

Flat area (m2)23.3025.2027.1329.34
Flat span (m)10.4910.9111.3211.77
Flat aspect ratio4.724.724.724.72
Projected surface (m2)20.6822.3724.0826.05
Projected span (m)8.328.658.989.33
Projected aspect ratio3.353.353.353.35
Number of cells38383838
Weight of the glider (kg)4.204.454.755.1
Take-off weight (kg)58-8273-9788-112102-130
CertificationEN A/LTF A

Colours Combination

Glider Details

Product Descriptio

What are dreamed features of your first wing? Easy to launch and land, very safe, and to pardon the pilot’s mistakes. It provides intuitive handling and a great prospect to develop ever-growing piloting skills.

GAIA 3 stands for all that and still offers a bit more. It lets you go for long thermal flights and discover the adventure of cross-country flying. It is an excellent wing to master accurate landing or practise some of the most subtle and finest acro manoeuvres, such as a helicopter.

GAIA 3 is the classical concept of the 4-liner. The four-line design remains a traditional design strategy for several types of gliders, including freestyle and acro wings. It delivers pilots with the optimized distribution of lines on the bottom surface. It provides consistency and safety, resulting in a very smooth pilot experience.

GAIA 3 is reinforced with extended rods, making inflation and take-off easier and more easygoing. The cleaner leading edge improves the glide and headwind penetration performance, whether at trim speed or with the speed system applied. It also caters for improved durability throughout the lifespan of the glider.

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Main features:

• High passive safety

• Effortless inflation and take off

• Well-balanced handling

• Predictable and forgiving behaviour

• Long and progressive brake travel

• 3D cut with laser technology

• Well-proven ram-air pockets on bottom panels

• Leading edge reinforced with rods

• Solid 20 mm risers

• Covered lines with different colours for each row

 • Durable fabrics on the whole canopy