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This is a Intermidiate Sport Glider


Whilst this glider is cutting edge and certainly not for inexperienced pilots, it offers the skillful pilot the ultimate performance and in-flight experience within its class whilst retaining the sublime handling that Sky pilots around the world adore.

Perfil de piloto

Enjoy these first moments with a peaceful mind. Intuitive and predictable behavior soothes every novice pilot who first went flying alone without an instructor.

Características da asa

True performance, power & feeling at your fingertips

Taking you on even bigger journeys of discovery, effortlessly devouring the Km’s:

  • technologically advanced
  • outstanding performance
  • sublime handling
  • lightweight

APOLLO is just dripping in our latest SPORT-LINE technologies.

It includes many of our very latest innovative details and features that combine and add up to make real class-leading and cutting edge differences that performance-minded pilots desire.

Who’s it for?

APOLLO is for pilots who fly frequently and that have the skill level to match the high performance and dynamics of this wing whilst remaining within the EN B category. We seriously believe that true performance comes from the right match of pilot and wing. In the right hands, this wing will produce an incredible in-flight experience and many km’s of rewarding cross-country distance whilst leading the pack. Importantly, APOLLO retains the fantastic handling that our Sky gliders are well known for, whilst using only technologies and design that add genuine advancements to the in-flight experience for the pilot. APOLLO ’s design still manages to offer the pilot an extremely good ratio of performance to safety. The handling and behavior of APOLLO, alone, will inspire confidence, emotion, and inspiration for every flight, thus enhancing the pilot’s ability to access the performance that lies within. APOLLO remains a true and honest, high performing sports wing in the EN B category for high-end EN B pilots.

The design features explored

If you are looking for a glider which is a victim of fashion, then you’ve come to the wrong place.

APOLLO is a result of tapping into all of our experience, technologies, and know-how which our team has gathered over the past 30 years.

Every single component of APOLLOs intricate and unique design serves a crucial purpose. Many unique features lie within, each working in harmony to make the whole complete glider which fully enhances performance and, crucially, the pilot’s in-flight experience.

APOLLOs low wing weight (4.6 kg M size) is just one more of the many design features that enhance handling and security. A quick look into the leading edge will reveal the intricate details of APOLLOs internal workings. A combination of computer design, laser cutting, and skilled human hand; some would say, a work of art.

APOLLO sports an aspect ratio of 5.45 and consists of 55 cells over a drag-reducing elliptical planform.

We have a reduced line consumption with a 3 riser configuration and reduced upper line diameters too. This is made possible, in part, by utilizing a relatively high aspect ratio design and a new concept to spread the loads. Loads are distributed internally, in part, by utilizing our V Bridge system. These lightweight internal structures form a tensioning bridge at strategic points, which distribute the load evenly. These ensure that the surface of each cell remains at a consistent tension with minimal ballooning and flattening of the cells’ surfaces across the entire span of the wing. The result is an overall cleaner, more aerodynamic wing surface.

Line diameters in the upper cascades are reduced to unsheathed 0.8 & 0.6 mm & 1.0 mm diameters for the mid cascades. Lower mainlines are sheathed Liros PPSL 1.40 mm & 1.42 mm. Line diameters and materials have been carefully selected and blended to optimize performance, practicality, and durability.

Our LEO (Leading Edge Optimization) design ensures that the composite nose is highly structured and formed yet remains light. The unique blend of Hypalon, nylon rods and mylar support the nose with perfect tension. The set- back vent positioning enhances the internal pressure, whilst the Triple 3D cut; two upper surface cuts and one lower, ensure the cleanest of curves to the foil. The end result is a highly efficient profile with excellent internal pressure values throughout the speed range that remains simple to launch, highly durable and yet simple to pack.

Cada Asa é entregue com:

Mochila EYRIE L. Partes traseiras, ombros e cintura bem almofadadas para mais conforto. Bolsos convenientemente colocados. Alça de retenção interna.

T-shirt SKY TEAM. Na Sky, uma t-shirt recebe tanta atenção quanto um parapente. As t-shirts são projetadas, cortadas, costuradas e impressas por nós, em nossas instalações de fabrico na República Checa. Elas são feitas de fibras de algodão e bambu para maior conforto e durabilidade.

SKY SLIM BAG SL. Percebemos que um acondicionamento fácil no final de um bom voo é essencial para terminar o dia de bom humor. O Sky Slim torna o processo o mais fácil e simples possível e a bolsa oferece a capacidade de compactar, se desejado.

Handy kit – um kit de reparação de parapente para reparações rápidas. Contém uma ferramenta versátil e SKYTEX (Rip-Stop) autoadesiva.

Unidade flash USB com manuais e uma variedade de fotos e vídeos da Sky Paragliders.

Tabela de Preços

XS – Intervalo de Peso à descolagem: 55-70 Kg


S – Intervalo de Peso à descolagem: 64-81 Kg


M – Intervalo de Peso à descolagem: 74-94 Kg


L – Intervalo de Peso à descolagem: 85-108 Kg


XL – Intervalo de Peso à descolagem: 99-125 Kg


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