This is a Beginner Glider


Reinforced Leading Edge nylon strings keep the canopy leading edge open all the time, and therefore the wing is more rapidly inflated at start-ups, even if the canopy is folded in turbulence.

Pilot target

Enabling safe progress for the low airtime pilot yet providing ample performance for the more experienced; this has finally been achieved.

Glider Details

To fly with confidence and security, yet with the handling and performance to set you on your way to realising your dreams of flight.

To feel the nuances of each thermal, each transition, where every carved turn brings effortless satisfaction to teach you the art of paragliding in the safest manner. This is the ANAKIS 3.

How do we make a great glider better?

ANAKIS 3 is suitable for a wide range of pilots. Whether you are a low airtime or occasional pilot, right on through to the dedicated XC seeking weekend warrior looking for a glider which will deliver optimum safety coupled to usable performance.

For the more experienced pilot, do not be put off by this wings EN A certification.This is a truly unique glider producing the feel and performance to better what has ever gone before from such a wing, setting it right up there with the mid range sport gliders in the B class.

The main distinctive features are:

  • progressive turns
  • secure feel
  • progressive yet precise brake handling
  • improved glide ratio
  • very easy take-off characteristics
  • class leading performance
  • high level of passive safety
  • low weight (4.3 kg in M size)
  • 3D precision shaping
  • available in five sizes
  • satate of the art high quality manufacturing

ANAKIS 3 is the glider for pilots:

  • who wish to become independent and confident. It’s the wing for first thermal and cross country flights.
  • who look for a simple, easy, safe and fun way to fly a glider.
  • who like to fly fully relaxed and focus on their flight – not on the glider
  • who look for a versatile wing for daily flights or hike and fly with suitable performance.
  • who fly only occasionaly and require forgiving behaviour

ANAKIS 3 is an EN A certified wing. Its aspect ratio is limited in order to provide good homogeneity and excellent behavior. ANAKIS 3 will make you feel comfortable with high passive safety and a great amount of usable performance.

Each glider is delivered with:

  • EYRIE rucksack
  • SKY TEAM T-shirt
  • repair tape and multi tool
  • USB flash drive with manual

ANAKIS 3 is created to demonstrate that it is possible to design a safe, reasonable and easy glider, which provides 100% enjoyment and fun.

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