This is an Advanced to Competition Performance XC Glider


AEON is a pure-bred XC glider and belongs to the SPORT Line category. It provides the highest performance with a high level of security that is easy to achieve with the right skills and ambitions.

Pilot target

AEON is a glider with perfect power balance, flight characteristics and safety. This will help any pilot to get through the valleys, handle the weak and narrow ascents, and be safe in stronger wind and turbulent conditions.

Glider Details

Product Description

AEON is pure XC glider and belongs to the SPORT line. With AEON we provide the best performance with a high safety level that is easy to handle with the right skills and ambition.
Sky becomes your playground and your race track.

Why do pilots like AEON?

  • AEON is a glider with a perfect balance of performance, flying characteristics and safety. This will help any pilot to get over the valleys, master the weak and narrow thermals and be safe in windy and turbulent conditions, not favoured by many XC pilots.
  • AEON is very easy to take off even in no wind conditions. AEON doesn’t overshoot, it can stabilise by itself above a pilot and just a few steps are enough to take off, which then gives you the confidence before any long distance flights.
  • AEON offers interesting XC flying that will boost your learning curve and you will see more and more improvement with every single flight.


What our development teams did with AEON:

  • We used hypalon and nylon reinforcements with the LEO (Leading edge Optimization). The glider inflates well. Thanks to the LEO, the glider is very good pressurised and effective while flying on the speed bar. Clean leading edge helps to reduce aerodynamic drag;
  • 3D shaping of the leading edge, and miniribs on the trailing edge. Both the features will smooth all the wrinkles that are created by shaping 2D materials into 3D shapes;
  • Hybrid technology of the lines – 3 rows in the middle of the glider, 2 rows on the wing tips – helps to reduce lines drag and helps to remain glider characteristics and safety on very good level; 
  • New sophisticated inner structure with two types of diagonal ribs reduces number of lines and make a glider quite solid, but still with very good feedback for the pilot;
  • With the controls, the brakes operate smoothly which reduces the risk of a stall, but also allows for some sharper manoeuvres. With AEON you can enjoy legendary Sky handling;
  • Cutting on state-of-the-art laser machines. The precision and perfection of the current CAD systems is easy to transfer into production without any errors as opposed to when working with scissors and drawing shapes on paper cuts and templates.


And on your first flights you will get AEON:

  • With SLIM BAG SL for easy and gentle packing of the glider;
  • With the EYRIE backpack L. This is a comfortable, technical backpack that will not bother you on your back.
  • T-shirt SKY TEAM. T-shirts are made at our manufacturing facility themselves because quality is more than just the price for us. The shirt is made of cotton and bamboo fibres and is made from fabric to print in the Czech Republic.
  • With handy kits – a quick glider repair kit if something fails;
  • And with a USB flash drive with manual and a series of Sky Paragliders photos and videos.

Colours Combination


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